You have to admit there are days when you just want to stay in bed or in your PJs the whole day but remembered that you need to go out? Bummer. I know right? Yeah, that is what I am feeling right now.

I have to go to a friend’s housewarming party and I do not have a decent thing to wear! While idly looking through my stuff, I saw my Stella McCartney houndstooth scarf that I bought using Resultly online.

Just like that, I had my AHA moment and thought, there are ways to make you look chic with your bed weather vibe – a scarf!

Previously, scarves were only being taken out of the closet when it is almost the winter season. It adds extra warmth on your body by covering your neck. However nowadays, this fashion accessory can be worn in all seasons.

I think it was a week ago when I was watching an old episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians and saw Kim wearing a houndstooth scarf, white top, black jeans and boots. I am not a fan of the Kardashians but I have to say, she looks great in that outfit. It gives that laidback look but not like shabby kind.

Just a little bit of history here, according to Wikifashion, the houndstooth actually started in Scotland being worn by shepherds. This pattern has greatly evolved from being a shepherd’s cloak to a symbol of high society during the 1950s.

It also has long been used as a pattern for a dress, coat and scarf by fashion designers during those time up until now. A timeless piece I would say. Imagine the same pattern that is being used during the 18th century appears to still remain as one of fashion’s hot finds in the 21st century.

Some designers have tried updating it and giving it a fresh image by using different color backgrounds and mixing it with other patterns to deviate from the classic look of this scarf.

There are a lot of houndstooth scarf to choose from at Ebay. Another website that will make you want to buy more scarves is Resultly. They also have a mix and match of patterns like the J. Crew Cubist scarf.

j.crew houndstooth scarf

These scarves are very versatile as it can be worn on its own as an accessory piece or with a jacket or cardigan. This fashion scarf is not limited to women alone. Guys can also use this too. So do not be afraid to hung this over to your man’s shoulders as it is a great way to get a snuggle or a kiss from him too.

I am positive that this accessory will be visible for more years to come as for me; I only have a few minutes to get ready. Catch you soon!


Ever wonder what a free-spirited novella heroine feels like? Well, I might just have a recipe for you to experience it. It’s been a while since the sunflower dress was a hot thing to wear; however, right now is a perfect time for it.  Especially, for those who had never got one.

Since I was a little girl, I got into yellow summer dresses with some sunflowers on it.  It always gave  me a good mood and I thought there was nothing better for summer days. I am a grown up now and still obsessed with sunflower dresses. And I am not the only one…

Last year, Taylor Swift wore a gorgeous dress on her photo shoot and since then everyone started getting one too. Obviously, I had a couple of those dress already, but it was a good time to refresh my closet once again before the summer.

None of my girlfriends had even one sunflower dress, so went shopping together. All of them were super excited to spend time together, shop a little and go to the movies after. Unfortunately, our great plan had failed after five  hours in the stores with no results.  They did not like any dresses what so ever ! We were so upset and angry that we had spent so much time for nothing and did not  find what we were looking for. So, the very next day we started shopping online. We got together at my place, bought some food and wine and decided to do “shopping party”  until we find the perfect dress for each of us.

Starting with Google shopping and some other online stores , we got bored and wanted to see better results from all stores in one places. Finally, we found a new social shopping app Resultly and we got tons of sunflower dresses from different stores; everything from Macy’s to Target. Of course, we could not buy them all , but we ordered a couple of dresses for each of us.  I got a very long one , so I could wear it to school as well. My friend picked more shorter and sexier dresses; they love to party a lot. But it really does not matter if the dress is short or not, because the color and flowers give you an incredible fresh summer look where ever you go.

When we finally got the dresses , we could not wait to start wearing them. Luckily for us, it was almost a weekend and we went out for brunch wearing sunflower dresses at the same time. We had so much fun, took hundreds of pictures, and of course we got millions of compliments just from people on the streets. It felt like we were center of attention all the time!

So, if you want to keep up with summer fashion, you must to get one of the sunflower dresses. You and everyone else will love it!

Alright, alright. So I know we’ve discussed this before, but let me tell you. So, last week was my birthday and I had been contemplating for some time now what I was going to wear. My boyfriend had continued to joke, “don’t wear anything, forget it, just rock your birthday suit!” I had laughed and called him ridiculous, but then it got me thinking.. what about a nude dress?

Some people may think the idea was whack, but I personally loved it. Nude dresses are so classic and enticing at the same time. I thought it was clever and whitty, and I was sure I could find a couple great options. I always start my search online, then move it to the stores once I see that they have a few potential options for me. So, I started online and stumbled upon a site with a boat load of amazeball options, click here to view. I wasn’t entirely sure which style I was tyring to go for. I usually really do love a good halter, but for my birthday I thought maybe spaghetti straps was the way to go? Regardless, I checked them all out and decided to hit the mall. I always park in Nordstrom so BP here I come. They usually have a pretty legit section of dresses so I peeked around. Didn’t find much. So carrying on to Dry Goods. While I hadn’t looked at their store online first, it was on the way to my next leg of the mall so I thought I’d drop in. The sales lady helped show me around to all the dresses they had. It’s not even that big of a store, but I’m glad I asked for help because I would not have found any of the dresses she showed me. So ladies, word to the wise, always ask the sales ladies when you’re looking for something specific or general. My friend works at Buckle and she can’t tell me enough how people need to ask sales associates for help. They’ll show you around to a few items while gathering a better sense of your taste and then they’ll figure out what you’re into and what you hate and bring you to some of their best kept, hard to find, finds. Anywho, so the lady at Dry Goods began showing me around her store. I told her I needed a nude colored dress, of any style, for my birthday. She thought that I had a fun idea going for me and set me up in a dressing room with 2 options. Of course I was asking for a pretty specific colored dress, which not all people/ stores will have, so I thought two was actually pretty good. I tried them both on and LOVED the second one. It was nude, short, tight, and perfect. The perfect Birthday Suit.

nude dress


So for your next birthday, now you know what to wear.

Do you own a lace skirt? If the answer to that question was no, then you need to purchase one ASAP! No joke, a lace skirt is this seasons must have. Wearing a lace skirt always makes me feel like I’m going back in time to a classic novel yet still looking modern. There are so many ways you can wear and and style one. They also come in a variety of of style! From long and flowy to short and figure hugging there is a lace skirt style for you!

I love shopping online. Recently,  I found this fun social shopping app, Resultly. It pulls items from tons of different stores so I get a hundreds of options! Check out all the lace skirt results here! Literally so many options. Resultly pulls skirts from all sorts of  stores from Free People to Revolve Clothing to Zara. You can also pick which stores it pulls form. Now that you have you have a huge selection of lace skirts, lets look at some fun ways to style them!

Short Lace Skirtshort lace skirt

A great way to wear a short lace skirt is by pairing it with a denim shirt. This will give your look a more causal yet trendy vibe. Tuck in the front of the denim shirt. Add a cute pair of brown lace up shoes and you have your look. This is a very easy look to create and it is super cute. It can easily be worn to class, out to lunch, or even to a casual dinner.

Lace Pencil Skirt

lace skirt

A lace pencil skirt is a great way to bring the lace skirt trend into the office. I’m loving how easy this outfit looks. Tuck in a slouchy gray t-shirt to a navy lace pencil skirt. I love how she paired black accessories with the navy skirt. Most people think black and navy don’t mix, but when worn correctly they do. She add a black belt with a pop of gold. That gold can then be seen in her chunky bracelet. Her shoes are also fab! I’m literally obsessed with this look and and teh way she accessorized it.

Long lace skirt

lace skirt

For a more bohemian vibe, opt for a long lace skirt! I’m just loving the outfit above. Pair a long white lace skirt with a white tank top. Add some major jewelry to that will really embrace the hippy vibe of the look. That means long necklaces and tons of bangles. Keep the jewelry in the metallic family.  A simple cream belt is also a must have. To finish off this look add a simple light gray cardigan.



Every girl had her very own “dream shoes”, and I am not exception. I can for sure tell one that  Giuseppe  is my absolute number one when it comes to an type of shoes; everything from heels to flats. However, this pair of platform booties is beyond just favorite.  Those booties are my dream shoes. They’re something a heroine of a novel would wear and have the whole room looking only at her.

It was love from the first sight. I saw them in a new issue of Vogue and fell in love. What not to love about them, right? I mean, Giuseppe is an extremely famous designer. His shoes are the most sexiest shoes in the world; any girl would be the happiest girl to wear his shoes! Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Madonna owns dozens of them.

What is so special about this pair? Well, pretty much everything. I love heels, so this heel is perfect . The mix of colors on it could not be any better either. It is shiny which is great will go perfectly with a simple black dress. And, of course the style itself! Anyone can see those shoes from a mile away. It is sexy as hell!

After I saw them , it was just a matter of time when I would start shopping. At the very next day, I tried to find this pair in Nordstrom, but they did not have my size. I did not want to wait when they will have it, so I decided to try to find them online. I already had Resultly shopping app on my iphone, so I looked it up and they had it! I could order them right the way! It was kind of expensive, but one can spend anything on “the dream shoes.” Definitely, no more shopping for until next year… Let’s say it was my birthday and Christmas gift.

I can not even tell you how much I was happy when I opened the box…. It was beyond my expectations! They fit me perfectly and I could not wait when I wear them out. Lucky to me, I had a birthday party to go on that weekend, so all what I had to do it is to find a little black dress for my brand new platform shoes. It was easy, I went to one department store and bought not too expensive dress. Of course, I had tons of black dresses in my closet already, but those shoes needed something new…I has some purple necklace already, so at least I did not have to buy new jewelry. Or, maybe I just could not afford it. Smile face.

All of my friends fell in love in my booties right the way! I got millions of compliments from anyone at that birthday party. I almost felt bad that birthday girl was number two for compliments. Well, it is not my fault, right?

If your dream shoes are not that sexy like these platform booties, you should definitely consider on buying one of the Giuseppe pairs and you will be a super star!