You have to admit there are days when you just want to stay in bed or in your PJs the whole day but remembered that you need to go out? Bummer. I know right? Yeah, that is what I am feeling right now.

I have to go to a friend’s housewarming party and I do not have a decent thing to wear! While idly looking through my stuff, I saw my Stella McCartney houndstooth scarf that I bought using Resultly online.

Just like that, I had my AHA moment and thought, there are ways to make you look chic with your bed weather vibe – a scarf!

Previously, scarves were only being taken out of the closet when it is almost the winter season. It adds extra warmth on your body by covering your neck. However nowadays, this fashion accessory can be worn in all seasons.

I think it was a week ago when I was watching an old episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians and saw Kim wearing a houndstooth scarf, white top, black jeans and boots. I am not a fan of the Kardashians but I have to say, she looks great in that outfit. It gives that laidback look but not like shabby kind.

Just a little bit of history here, according to Wikifashion, the houndstooth actually started in Scotland being worn by shepherds. This pattern has greatly evolved from being a shepherd’s cloak to a symbol of high society during the 1950s.

It also has long been used as a pattern for a dress, coat and scarf by fashion designers during those time up until now. A timeless piece I would say. Imagine the same pattern that is being used during the 18th century appears to still remain as one of fashion’s hot finds in the 21st century.

Some designers have tried updating it and giving it a fresh image by using different color backgrounds and mixing it with other patterns to deviate from the classic look of this scarf.

There are a lot of houndstooth scarf to choose from at Ebay. Another website that will make you want to buy more scarves is Resultly. They also have a mix and match of patterns like the J. Crew Cubist scarf.

j.crew houndstooth scarf

These scarves are very versatile as it can be worn on its own as an accessory piece or with a jacket or cardigan. This fashion scarf is not limited to women alone. Guys can also use this too. So do not be afraid to hung this over to your man’s shoulders as it is a great way to get a snuggle or a kiss from him too.

I am positive that this accessory will be visible for more years to come as for me; I only have a few minutes to get ready. Catch you soon!

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