Every girl had her very own “dream shoes”, and I am not exception. I can for sure tell one that  Giuseppe  is my absolute number one when it comes to an type of shoes; everything from heels to flats. However, this pair of platform booties is beyond just favorite.  Those booties are my dream shoes. They’re something a heroine of a novel would wear and have the whole room looking only at her.

It was love from the first sight. I saw them in a new issue of Vogue and fell in love. What not to love about them, right? I mean, Giuseppe is an extremely famous designer. His shoes are the most sexiest shoes in the world; any girl would be the happiest girl to wear his shoes! Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Madonna owns dozens of them.

What is so special about this pair? Well, pretty much everything. I love heels, so this heel is perfect . The mix of colors on it could not be any better either. It is shiny which is great will go perfectly with a simple black dress. And, of course the style itself! Anyone can see those shoes from a mile away. It is sexy as hell!

After I saw them , it was just a matter of time when I would start shopping. At the very next day, I tried to find this pair in Nordstrom, but they did not have my size. I did not want to wait when they will have it, so I decided to try to find them online. I already had Resultly shopping app on my iphone, so I looked it up and they had it! I could order them right the way! It was kind of expensive, but one can spend anything on “the dream shoes.” Definitely, no more shopping for until next year… Let’s say it was my birthday and Christmas gift.

I can not even tell you how much I was happy when I opened the box…. It was beyond my expectations! They fit me perfectly and I could not wait when I wear them out. Lucky to me, I had a birthday party to go on that weekend, so all what I had to do it is to find a little black dress for my brand new platform shoes. It was easy, I went to one department store and bought not too expensive dress. Of course, I had tons of black dresses in my closet already, but those shoes needed something new…I has some purple necklace already, so at least I did not have to buy new jewelry. Or, maybe I just could not afford it. Smile face.

All of my friends fell in love in my booties right the way! I got millions of compliments from anyone at that birthday party. I almost felt bad that birthday girl was number two for compliments. Well, it is not my fault, right?

If your dream shoes are not that sexy like these platform booties, you should definitely consider on buying one of the Giuseppe pairs and you will be a super star!

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