Ever wonder what a free-spirited novella heroine feels like? Well, I might just have a recipe for you to experience it. It’s been a while since the sunflower dress was a hot thing to wear; however, right now is a perfect time for it.  Especially, for those who had never got one.

Since I was a little girl, I got into yellow summer dresses with some sunflowers on it.  It always gave  me a good mood and I thought there was nothing better for summer days. I am a grown up now and still obsessed with sunflower dresses. And I am not the only one…

Last year, Taylor Swift wore a gorgeous dress on her photo shoot and since then everyone started getting one too. Obviously, I had a couple of those dress already, but it was a good time to refresh my closet once again before the summer.

None of my girlfriends had even one sunflower dress, so went shopping together. All of them were super excited to spend time together, shop a little and go to the movies after. Unfortunately, our great plan had failed after five  hours in the stores with no results.  They did not like any dresses what so ever ! We were so upset and angry that we had spent so much time for nothing and did not  find what we were looking for. So, the very next day we started shopping online. We got together at my place, bought some food and wine and decided to do “shopping party”  until we find the perfect dress for each of us.

Starting with Google shopping and some other online stores , we got bored and wanted to see better results from all stores in one places. Finally, we found a new social shopping app Resultly and we got tons of sunflower dresses from different stores; everything from Macy’s to Target. Of course, we could not buy them all , but we ordered a couple of dresses for each of us.  I got a very long one , so I could wear it to school as well. My friend picked more shorter and sexier dresses; they love to party a lot. But it really does not matter if the dress is short or not, because the color and flowers give you an incredible fresh summer look where ever you go.

When we finally got the dresses , we could not wait to start wearing them. Luckily for us, it was almost a weekend and we went out for brunch wearing sunflower dresses at the same time. We had so much fun, took hundreds of pictures, and of course we got millions of compliments just from people on the streets. It felt like we were center of attention all the time!

So, if you want to keep up with summer fashion, you must to get one of the sunflower dresses. You and everyone else will love it!

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