Alright, alright. So I know we’ve discussed this before, but let me tell you. So, last week was my birthday and I had been contemplating for some time now what I was going to wear. My boyfriend had continued to joke, “don’t wear anything, forget it, just rock your birthday suit!” I had laughed and called him ridiculous, but then it got me thinking.. what about a nude dress?

Some people may think the idea was whack, but I personally loved it. Nude dresses are so classic and enticing at the same time. I thought it was clever and whitty, and I was sure I could find a couple great options. I always start my search online, then move it to the stores once I see that they have a few potential options for me. So, I started online and stumbled upon a site with a boat load of amazeball options, click here to view. I wasn’t entirely sure which style I was tyring to go for. I usually really do love a good halter, but for my birthday I thought maybe spaghetti straps was the way to go? Regardless, I checked them all out and decided to hit the mall. I always park in Nordstrom so BP here I come. They usually have a pretty legit section of dresses so I peeked around. Didn’t find much. So carrying on to Dry Goods. While I hadn’t looked at their store online first, it was on the way to my next leg of the mall so I thought I’d drop in. The sales lady helped show me around to all the dresses they had. It’s not even that big of a store, but I’m glad I asked for help because I would not have found any of the dresses she showed me. So ladies, word to the wise, always ask the sales ladies when you’re looking for something specific or general. My friend works at Buckle and she can’t tell me enough how people need to ask sales associates for help. They’ll show you around to a few items while gathering a better sense of your taste and then they’ll figure out what you’re into and what you hate and bring you to some of their best kept, hard to find, finds. Anywho, so the lady at Dry Goods began showing me around her store. I told her I needed a nude colored dress, of any style, for my birthday. She thought that I had a fun idea going for me and set me up in a dressing room with 2 options. Of course I was asking for a pretty specific colored dress, which not all people/ stores will have, so I thought two was actually pretty good. I tried them both on and LOVED the second one. It was nude, short, tight, and perfect. The perfect Birthday Suit.

nude dress


So for your next birthday, now you know what to wear.

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